Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Artist Books - Research/Review

For my Final Major Project I am going to produce a series of Artist's Books.

I thought it best to do some research on existing Artist's Books and so took the opportunity to visit our university 'Collections Room' where it is possible to access all kinds of treasures!

Here are a few I particularly like:

By This Time by Young - Ju Choi
This little book can be read front to back, it uses a small hole through all the pages and string to show the passage of a conversation over two countries and also two time zones.
I enjoyed the cleverness of this book and also the limited colour pallete which held the narrative and complemented the simple line drawings.

Little Museum by John Dilnott
I had seen this little book on the internet before I found it nestled in the Collections Room box, it's really lovely with each page containing a tiny photograph of hands holding a different object. The full list of objects is written on the last page, each one not obviously related to the other. It's really dinky and simple.

You Like Me - Marie Lind / Nina Beier
A very interesting concept, 'You Like Me' documents the scarily similar wardrobes of two women. Their matching outfits are highlighted on each page. I thought this was quite a fun and quirky idea, especially when I think of some of the similarities between my and my friends wardrobes over the years.

Deptfordia - John Bently
I particularly liked the double page format of this, two stories are able to run alongside each other.

Boy Met Girl - Mette-Sophie d ambeck
I loved how well presented and well thought out this book was. The envelope/case opened to reveal a small silver book and then each page displayed a cut out in a different shape. The final pages when layered on top of each other showed the shape of a little robot. The different coloured paper works really well, I really liked how simple and well made the idea is.

Homonculi - Jackie Batey
An odd little book, this takes the form of an old exercise book. The photos are all of mannequins (homonculus refers to the representation of a human being), unusual subject matter aside, I really liked the collaged and hand drawn aspects.
It was very interesting going through the massive box! I have a few more to post later. I think this was a great way to consider format and function, each of these works very well in these terms. Now to start thinking of how I'd like mine to look....

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