Sunday, 23 January 2011

Artist's Book // Playing Card Box // My Desk

Uni projects for the term are all due tomorrow, today has been a day of final finishes and panicking!

One of my the briefs my tutor gave me was to create an artist's book on the theme of underwear. It had to be one book/theme that could be read two ways or become two books.
After a bit of a chat my tutor decided that I should try and base it around lingerie...

This is what I made:

A lovely lady behind a changing room door...who ends up in a series of bras and knickers!
The book opens out as a series of concertinas with a different bra or brief style and a lingerie tip on each panel.

They can be mixed and matched...

And the book reads both ways as the concertina is double sided. Glad to have this one made up!

Today I also made the box to put my cat and dog playing cards into, I wanted to keep it reasonably plain as the cards themselves are quite decorative.

And finally here is a pic of my desk at Uni with my Harrods posters all printed out.

Looking forward to the assessment week as no teaching means I can crack on with personal work!

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  1. love the reverseable, mix n match idea foe the book, really fun and interesting.
    also ,loving the colours on the playing card box