Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cats & Dogs Playing Cards

Some playing cards I am working on, the black suits are all different types of cat and the red suits are all types of dog.
I wanted to make them as bright and cheery as I could and also to put some kind of hierachy to the sets.... more to come!
More of these sets can be seen on my flickr page ...


  1. interesting, idea! i like the blue lion one best! nice pencil shading too!

  2. Nice stuff Stacie. Hey remember me? We worked together in RHR. Hope you're well. Kathy x

  3. Hi Kathy! Yeah of course, how are you? What are you up to? Had a quick look at your site, looks really good :) x

  4. love these cards!! the tigers are great!

  5. Oh hey! I'm studying fashion design at London College of Fashion. Having fun checking out your site from time to time. Nice work. x