Saturday, 27 November 2010


And so to announce the outcome of my giveaway!

From my 61 followers I did a random draw by writing all the names on bits of paper and putting them in a bowl...
And the winner is.......Little Paperbox

I will be sending these goodies her way - A 5x7 'Cats' print, a set of Christmas cards and a copy of the Meow Pets zine.

Thanks to everyone who followed my blog and promoted my giveaway!



  1. AMAZING! I have never won anything apart from a stale Christmas pudding when I was a child. This is a lovely news for a Sunday night.

    Thank-you!!! :)

    Also, If it's not too cheeky, would you fancy following littlepaperbox?

  2. Of course! I thought I had already, stupid me!!

    Message me your address on Twitter or email to and I will post these out tomorrow :D