Friday, 19 November 2010

If your mind can percieve it and your heart desire it then you can achieve it.

Sometimes this illustration malarkey is tougher than you think...This week I've been feeling pretty disheartened and a little bit negative about things. Some opportunities haven't worked out and there's been a thing or 2 that's burst my bubble a little bit.
I've spent a couple of days moping and being generally miserable but I've decided today is the day I shut up and use these little disappointments for good!

In fact, when I really sit and think about it, these minor blips shouldn't have thrown me off course so much. There are lots of good things I have going on at the moment and doubting my confidence as an illustrator isn't going to help me to achieve the goals I want to achieve. It's hard to always believe in yourself though I guess. Anyhow, you can expect lots of new work to appear soon and with any luck a door of opportunity will open and I will get some work coming my way!

For now, here are some photographs from the V&A. We visited yesterday with Uni and having been there many times before I decided this was the time to concentrate on how inspiring and plentiful the patterns around the museum are...


  1. i love those colourful hexgagonal ones!

    positive thinking is the key i guess. i am also studying illustration at uni,tis tough sometimes.we will just have to believe! =]

  2. They're great aren't they, they are screen prints by Nina Chakrabarti - I love her work.

    I'm usually pretty positive but this week the self doubt crept in uninvited! Onwards and upwards. Hope your course is going well :) x

  3. just looked on her website,she has some great work! i particularly like the fashion book and voodoo girls.
    My course is going well thanks, good luck with yours too =]