Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ooh! Meme...

The lovely Faye West included me in this Meme... I am feeling poorly and very sorry for myself so thought I'd do this to cheer myself up!

1. What would be your dream line up, dead or alive, at a festival?
This is probably the hardest question to answer. I am really not someone who is particularly into music and will happily listen to a million different things - when I'm drawing I tend to stick on a bit of Magic FM haha.
My 14 year old self was obsessed with Eminem and I saw him at Reading Festival and again at one of his glad I didn't answer this question 10 years ago, you'd never have heard the end of my love for him!

2. What item of clothing will you never throw away, and why?
Probably lingerie more than actual clothes. Having been working for Agent Provocateur for a while now I have some beautiful (and expensive) items that would be a tragedy to get rid of.

This, the Tatiana basque, is probably my favourite.

3. What animal would you be?
I think I'd like to be some kind of small, cuddly and faintly ridiculous animal. Perhaps a red panda? I like their little faces.

(image from here)

4.What is the strangest dream/nightmare you have ever had?
The strangest dream I ever remember having involved me having a monkey. A really tiny and cute little monkey. The monkey needed to live in my locker while I was at work and I spent a good part of the day figuring out what I was going to feed my lovely monkey. Once I got back to my locker later in the day I saw a piece of paper taped to the front. The monkey was gone and instead I had an invoice from ITV saying they had paid me £500 but taken my monkey. I was absolutely devastated.

The best part of this is I woke up physically crying in the middle of the night! I had to explain to my boyfriend (of not very long at this point) that ITV had stolen my monkey and that is why I had woken in tears.....

5. Do you have a comfort film? And how many times have you watched it?
My favourite DVDs to watch again and again are Disney films. I have loads of them, my Mum buys me new ones every Christmas.
I think one of my favourites has to be Cinderella and also The Little Mermaid. But probably the best one ever is Beauty and the Beast. I love the
Tale as Old as Time scene.

6. Which era would you prefer to live in?
I would LOVE to have lived in the 1950s. I love how glamorous everyone was and how much simpler everything seemed back in those days.

I'd like to think I could have spent my days looking like this.

(pic from here)

7. Do you know a song off by heart?
I know lots of songs off by heart, my repertoire includes pretty much both disks of the Phil Collins Love Songs album, various nursery rhymes and plenty of the Magic FM playlist. Sad but true :)

And so to carry on the meme here are my questions:

1. What is your earliest memory?
2. What is your favourite meal to eat and also to cook?
3. Where is your favourite place in the world?
4. Who do you admire and why?
5. What inspires you?
6. Where would you take a visitor to your home town? Any hidden gems?
7. What do you want to be when you grow up?

My questions are directed at:

Jenny Robbins, Harriet Gray, Dee Andrews, Rachel De Ste. Croix & Ella Masters

x x x

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