Saturday, 30 October 2010

Book Covers! Finished Designs.

Here are my final three designs for the book cover brief I have been set at uni. I still need to design and make a slip case to put them in before the crit on Thursday but I am quite pleased with these! Today's been a 12 hour sit-in at my desk to get the Atonement and Saturday designs finished but I feel like it's been worth it.


  1. Lovely designs! Wish we had these covers when we were studying Enduring love for A-levels....I remember that big hot-air balloon as our cover Samina XXXX

    p.s I love looking through your work, so much talent!

  2. Thank you Samina! I still had my book from A Level so it was pretty funny trying to read it and ignore all the notes and underlines from the lessons while I was doing this project... Time has passed SO quickly.
    Hope things are good with you! :) :) xx

  3. i'm greatly inspired by your work! though it's already few years ago but i finally found this blog page. I'm also currently under training basic editorial design skill with special interest on book cover design. my task is to redesign marcel proust's in 4 bands set. i am also intended to use patterns for each band so i'm wondering how did you figured out and extract certain form or shape from the whole story to create each pattern and what method you usually use for designing either by hand drawing or by adobe graphic tools or etc. any feedback would be welcomed if you find this comment soon. once again, great job!:)