Saturday, 7 August 2010

Illustrated Knickers - Stella McCartney

The joy of working in a department store selling lingerie is that you find gems like these. I love illustration, I love lingerie - OH MY! I love these illustrated postcard knickers from Stella McCartney. £30 each and packaged in a little postcard box, I probably need them. Or perhaps I should make some illustrated knickers of my own :)


  1. Oh my god these are amazing! I used to work in La Senza and I know what you mean - there's something amazing about selling knickers! Haha.

    These are the cutest things ever though - I really want them! Is it just one per box though? Pricey =/

    Defo do some illustrated knickers! Would be so fun ^.^

  2. I work for Agent Provocateur and it's a nightmare - I constantly want to buy everything!

    Yeah, it's one per box for these but they are AMAZING. I am slightly's the packaging too that wins me over. That little sticker stamp is too cute. Argh...I feel myself becoming £30 poorer soon!

    And yeah I might just get on the case, my flatmate is a lingerie designer so we could def get something going here!! x

  3. ah wow!,not seen enbriodered knickers before. they're awesome! i love the packing and how each pair is themd from a different country =]

  4. Postcard knickers? What a great idea! Do they still have this in store? This is why many people love Stella McCartney. She could turn simple things into amazing ones. It’s simple yet very sweet. This will make a good gift for someone you love. Ladies who love sewing their own underwear should try this illustrated knickers. Great post, by the way! Keep on posting cool finds!

    Ted Juhl