Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Little Books

Another Summer project ready to be sent! This time around I chose to draw from two days out I've had. One was at the Natural History Museum where I went to draw their display of birds. I love it there. And the second was from Farmyard Funworld, a farm/petting zoo in Bushey near my Dad's house. From my drawings I made two little books.

Am very pleased these are ready to post - after the trauma of last time when the post office got a bit too happy about ruining my lovely envelope I decided to work around the issue and leave gaps for the awful stickers

Envelope for Summer Project 2

The first of the books is full of different farmyard animals

And this one a concertina of lovely little birds with a feathery patterend cover & back

The birds I drew using coloured pencils and the farmyard animals were all in HB pencil and background using an ink wash scanned into Photoshop. Below are a few images from inside the books....

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