Monday, 16 February 2015

Cake, Coffee + Crafts

Yesterday I popped along to The Shop At Forty for the first ever Craft Meet. Sunday can be a bit of a dull day so an afternoon with coffee, cake and crafts is always a nice change!

Lilly and I met some really lovely local ladies; I did a bit of drawing but other people had brought along crocheting and knitting projects and even some decoupage too.
It was really nice having a bit of a chat and getting to know local crafters. If you live near St Neots these gatherings will be taking place regularly so do come along and join in.

I'm secretly hoping to learn lots of new crafty skills just by being around talented crafters each month ;)



  1. It was a lovely afternoon I am so pleased that I went along. I am 62 years old, a retired old girl who has been getting fed up and missing the young girls in the office where I used to work. This afternoon was perfect for me and gave me a glow again. Thank you Stacie and Lilly xxx

  2. @Sloeginlin it was lovely to meet you, hopefully these events will get busier and livelier as the weeks go by, it's always nice having a bit of a chat and a laugh :) xx

  3. Hi Stacie, I saw this event advertised but I was unable to make it this time. I hope you had fun. I hope I can make it next time as I live in St. Neots. I see the updates from your Handmade in St. Neots page, so hopefully I will see next time your organise this. It is exciting to see so many fun and creative events happening in St. Neots at the moment.

    1. Hi Jessica, ooh yes - do come along to the next one! It will be on 22nd March at The Shop At Forty. If you sign up to their mailing list you will get all the updates on their workshops and meet ups via email too. It's so nice having a creative hub in the town! xx