Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hey, Baby!

Argh, I've been so out of the loop with things in the last few weeks. As you've probably seen via the STACIE SWIFT Facebook and Instagram pages I am growing a tiny human at the moment (due to hatch next June) and it's really knocked me for six!

Baby Cherry seems to be trying to outdo the Royal Baby and has been making me super sick (seriously, whoever named it morning sickness is a fool. Sick. All. Day. Long.). Along with a couple of other slightly worrying moments, getting used to anti-sickness medication and extreme tiredness, the last couple of months have been a little bit crazy to say the least.

If it sounds like I'm moaning, I promise I'm not. We've had two scans so far at around 6 weeks and again at 10 weeks and seeing a tiny dot with a flickering heartbeat grow into a healthy little jellybean has been the most amazing thing ever - and of course makes all the anxiety and feeling poorly worth it.

Hopefully as the next few weeks pass I will get back to being my normal, workaholic self! Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me in the meantime. It's been hard not being able to explain why I've been out of the studio so much, and as a one-woman show it can be quite overwhelming to get behind on orders and emails and feel like I have been letting people down but you've all been so understanding.

I'm hoping to start adding a few more baby-related things to the blog and update everyone with what's going on as Baby Cherry grows. Hopefully you won't mind a little more baby talk on the internet :)


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