Friday, 12 April 2013


After a bit of a hiatus here's an extra wonderful Friday Favourite for you!

Laura Redburn is a super talented collage and mixed media artist selling a variety of original artwork, prints and paper goods - and is the lovely lady behind CARDBOARDCITIES.

I love Laura's work - particularly her use of colour and dreamlike imagery. We recently did a little swap (read the post on the CARDBOARDCITIES blog here!) and so I'm a very proud owner of an original collage. You should definitely commission your own collaged something!

Here's a bit more about Laura and what she does...

Describe your creative process… do you keep sketchbooks or mood boards?  
I used to keep sketchbooks, but I’m not so good on that side of things these days. I was really into sketchbooks in college, and was often praised for them. I do want to get back into that practice though as it really does help inform the process of making as well as a way to make something quickly with no pressure.

Unless I feel in the mood to sketchbook stuff, I prefer to just “go with it” and do whatever comes to me; I prefer to trust my instincts. Saying that, if I’m doing something for a commission or similar, I’ll come up with some ideas, cut out the pieces, and take photos of the piece(s) in different arrangements. Kind of a collage version of a rough without the pasting part. I’ll do that (glue down) when I/the client is happy with the arrangement. With the finding imagery side of things, I love to use old books and magazines, largely because I love the way the print looks, feels and smells. When I’m done cutting and pasting, I’ll then scan into Photoshop and correct the
colours. Sometimes I’ll add extra little bits, or, for example, make it more contrasty as that makes images stand out more without losing the integrity of the original image. 

What is your desk or work space like? 
Messy! I’m one of those people that always seems to have an ‘organised chaos’ thing going on ..but often it’s just a bit too cluttered. My desk is too small for me to do work on properly as I love to spread out. I usually just do my work on my lap/bed. Not the best, but I don’t have the room for a bigger desk and can’t afford studio space. As long as I’ve got a tiny bit of room somewhere I’m happy. 

What are your must-read blogs? 
Ooh! There’s so many I love, but off the top of my head:,,, and many, many more. 

Which piece of work or item in your shop are you most pleased with?
Two of my favourites have always been Please Don’t Leave Me To Remain and The Truest Thing We’d Ever Known, the second of which is in my shop.

What are your favourite shops for handmade items? 
I have such a ridiculous amount of shops bookmarked I’d love to buy things from. Some favorites are: 
Rebecca Desnos - - I’ve wanted her indigo scarf for the longest time, and I have my eye on her coral bead necklace too now. 
Pauline Hagan - - Particularly love her boat charm necklace and the little houses brooch. I love brooches! 
Kaye Blegvad - - Love her style! The bow and arrow necklace is a favourite. 

If you have a pet, please share! Stacie Swift Illustration is a big fan of four legged (and other!) friends...
I have a Tortie cat, Ava (she was two a few weeks ago!). We mostly call her “pussin” but often call her Ava Fitzgerald too.

Find CARDBOARDCITIES on facebook / twitter / etsy / blog and enter Laura's 1000 FACEBOOK FAN GIVEAWAY too!! Read how right here.


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