Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine's Gift Swap

A couple of weeks ago I responded to a tweet from JollyGoodStudio (aka Helen) about taking part in a bit of crafty Valentine's gift giving. I love sending gifts and I also like receiving them so I signed up straight away!

Not long after this little package popped through the letterbox, a card covered in pandas and a decoupaged stag brooch from my very own secret Valentine! LOVELY!
Birdie seems to be quite taken with the brooch and tried giving it a little nibble so I can also tell you it is not only very pretty but kitten-proof too.

My powers of deduction suggest that this little gift came from Scottish designer Lucy Robertson - you can find her on twitter here and take a look at more of her work here.

Plus - if you need your own Valentine's card or gift pop on over to - there's still time (just!). 

1 comment:

  1. Love that panda card and what a great gift. It is always important that jewellery is kitten proof! Thanks for taking part in the swap. Xx