Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Favourites: Illustrator Harriet Gray

Harriet Gray is one of many wonderful Illustrators I have 'met' in internet world over the last couple of years. Not just a lovely lady but a super talented cat lover too!

We will be meeting in real life at the upcoming blogger meet in Cambridge in March but until then Harriet has answered the Friday Favourites questions and included some photos of her gorgeous kitties!

Describe your creative process… do you keep sketchbooks or mood boards?

When I’m starting a new illustration I usually write my ideas down in note form, as I find it easier to refer back this way (rather than trying to understand a scribbled sketch!) I usually have a strong visual idea of how I want an illustration to look, so I don’t waste any time and start drawing, other than that I just let the drawing evolve naturally without much planning.

If I’m lacking inspiration I’ll have a look around pinterest, it’s such a good source for beautiful imagery! And, of course I’ll have a flick through some of the lovely books we have on our bookshelf.

After I’ve finished drawing I’ll scan in the image and clean it up a little on Photoshop, then I’ll play around with colour (and/or) composition and see what works best.

In regards to making new products for my shop, I keep a notebook where I record ideas of new products, I spend a lot of time researching and finding suppliers etc. I try and do as much of my sewing in bulk as it’s a bit quicker that way. I design my packaging myself, and get it printed professionally, as I think it’s important to give my items a shop-quality look even though they’re handmade.

What is your desk or work space like?

I live with my boyfriend Luke, who’s an illustrator too (sneaky link to his work! Our living room is our shared studio, we each have a big drawing desk, a computer area and a wall of white boards full of to do’s and important reminders.
I really enjoy having the space to move around, it’s lovely to have a drawing desk away from my computer so I’m not fixated on a screen all day.

What are your must-read blogs?

This one, obviously :)
a future present   
Yelena Bryksenkova
I read a lot of fashion beauty blogs too

Which piece of work or item in your shop are you most pleased with?Definitely my temporary tattoos! When I first added them to my shop I thought they’d just be a fun little extra to my collection, I could never have imagined them being so popular!

What are your favourite shops for handmade items?

I really enjoy using etsy, there is SO much stuff on there. I always try to buy only handmade gifts when it comes to birthdays/Christmas etc, and etsy is where I’ll look first.
One of my favourite features of etsy is the activity feed, which displays items and shops your friends have recently liked – basically doing all the hard work for you :)
Also, I loooove, and

Do you have a pet? Stacie Swift Illustration is a big fan of four legged (and other!) friends...
 My beautiful cats, Jelly and Georgia live with my parents, I wanted to bring them across to the Isle of Wight when we moved but we didn’t think they’d enjoy living in a flat in a busy town … but here are some photos of them anyway! Jelly is the cat featured on my fabric and one of my temporary tattoos! I must draw Georgia some time too, don’t want her to think there is any favouritism going on!
I think the lack of animal company has led me to want grow things. We have lots of plants around the flat, our biggest is a Mexican fortune tree, we named her Lupita, which means ‘little wolf’.


Be sure to find more of Harriet's by visiting her blog, shop or website. BEAUTIFUL!



  1. Great read. It's interesting to find out how others find inspiration and collate it before making their illustrations.

  2. Thanks Paul! I like to be nosey so always am very intrigued to get the answers through! :)