Thursday, 10 January 2013

Commission: Puppy Love!

You know by now how fond I am of working on pet portrait illustrations, and also how I love weddings... well this commission was my dream combination!

The client contacted by through my Etsy shop to create a custom illustration that would be used as a logo for her upcoming wedding. It needed to portray her two gorgeous black dogs, Muffin and Macy, and have their tails intertwined in a heart. And here it is, re-drawn again and again until I managed to capture their poochy personalities perfectly :)

Now I just need to finalise my own invitations!


If you want to commission custom artwork (pet, wedding or otherwise!) please get in touch at


  1. this is totally awesome! i would like a cat version for my wedding invites please! ... oh wait, i need to be engaged first don't I!

  2. Thanks Harriet! You could plan ahead ;) That's not going to scare your boy AT ALL :P xx