Friday, 23 November 2012

Custom Pet Portraits

Today (not-so-little-any-longer) Bob has had a trip to the vet to be neutered. I love that cat more than I love some of my own flesh and blood and I've been feeling very mean, and more than a little bit sad, about being without him for the day. Birdie and I have been pining together!

Anyhow, as I am an emotional cat lady wreck, I thought it was apt that I showed you my new Pet Portraits today. I don't just draw kitties -  any furry friend that you'd like immortalised in a custom illustration can be commissioned! Check out the shop for more info - and remember you can get 30% off of everything listed, including these portraits, using code WINTER30 - pretty handy if you want to get your Christmas shopping started.

I'll be sure to update the Stacie Swift Illustration facebook page and also twitter with the patient's progress once I collect Bob this afternoon... I just hope if I feed him enough ham he will forgive me!


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