Wednesday, 17 October 2012


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will no doubt have seen the recent addition to the studio, Birdie.

We bought her as a companion for little Bobcat but no love is lost between the pair at the moment! Bob is intent on eating little Birdie and ambushing her at every opportunity. This bitesize ball of fur is too much for him to resist! 

They spend a lot of time separated for now, Birdie has a little den in the bathroom and Bob has kept run of the rest of the house - We do have supervised playtimes though these mostly consist of biting, scratching and chasing with Birdie actively seeking Bob out even though she hates how rough he is. So much naughtiness under one roof.

We are sticking it out though and hoping that they get used to each other - and that our tiny Bird gets a bit bigger soon so she can give as good as she gets :)

If you have experience of introducing kitties to one another please share any tips... for now I am getting used to my role as referee!



  1. Birdie is absolutely beautiful! I bet she can be a massive distraction though – I don’t think I would ever get any work done if I had something so cute to entertain me!:)

  2. They are both hugely distracting! But it's so nice having them both here for cuddles... I just have to be strict with myself ;) x