Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New and improved website!

With much trial and error I have given my website a bit of an update. I wanted to make it a clearer, more cohesively branded site that would be a showcase of my products. Not the most technically minded, it's taken me a while to be happy with it.

While it's got a few more tweaks needed here and there I think it's a definite improvement on what I had before, lots of brightly coloured product shots and a link directly through to my Etsy shop (I used the Etsy Mini widget - it's brilliant!).
I also inserted social media buttons and an updated about me page so hopefully it's quite informative and easy to navigate.

Take a look at

Are there any improvements you think would be a welcome addition to my site? Or have you any web updates to share?



  1. The site looks great! I'm working on a bit of an update for mine at the moment too... by the way, it's so cool you have your work stocked at Metropolis in Melbourne! It's my favourite shop, a treasure trove of art/design inspiration xx

  2. Thank you very much! Look forward to seeing your site when it's ready!

    Ahh glad to hear Metropolis is as good as it looks online, so excited to have work there! xx