Sunday, 17 June 2012

Awesome Accounts: Simple Business Finances

This has taken a short lifetime to materialise as things have definitely got in the way over the last few weeks - but here is the blog post I promised on easy accounting with the creative business owner in mind. As I mentioned in my Top Tips post last time, my boyfriend is an accountant and I have been trying out different ways to ensure a cohesive and professional record of my accounts and finances for my illustration business.

One of the questions raised following my blog post was whether it was worth getting an accountant and how to keep the best financial records.

And so to share a little gem with you!

Whilst reading a post on Etsy, I came across the website, after some looking into it I gave it a go and have not looked back since!

A free service, it reconciles etsy sales and paypal accounts and allows a straightforward and easy way of monitoring money coming in, and out, of your business.

You are able to add expense details, record invoice payments (paid and due) alongside the automatic update on transactions in your shop and linked accounts.

Aside from all this, you can also configure all data into a number of easy to read charts and graphs plus therea are tons of other useful features and handy tools - including an app for iPhone for when you are on the go.

I sound a bit enthusiastic but it really has been a lifesaver. Accounts have always been my least favourite part of the job and I've longed for an intuitive and easy to use answer to my problems... seems to be just that. And it comes with the seal of approval from my personal accountant!

Do you have tried and tested ways of keeping your books up to date? Any tools you can recommend?

If you need help with this subject please do forward on your questions and I will get my boyfriend to answer them, hopefully this can be a regular post :)



  1. This looks like a really good service. Can it be converted to £ rather than $?

    I've just been doing my accounts today using GnuCash. It takes a lot more time to input the data but I quite like that it gives me a chance to have a good look at my ingoings and outgoings. It's also free and is pretty straight forward to use.

  2. Yes, definitely good to keep an eye on cash flow... I just found that I was struggling to stay on top of things so an automatic update works a treat for me!

    At the moment, as far as I can tell, £s can't be used all the way through the site but it hasn't been a problem for me so far :) x

  3. this is good advice! i'll have to have a look at that site :)

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