Monday, 28 May 2012

"Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise everyone would do it"

Well, this has been a very grown up few weeks. My attention has been taken away from my blog and illustrating for a number of reasons, mostly the very exciting search for a new house.

We have been looking for somewhere to buy and have found a lovely place, just a stone's throw away from the fields in the photo. A little house next to horses and a little farm selling chicken eggs with an honesty box (I have spent much too long imagining myself as a modern day Beatrix Potter for it to be healthy!)

Our potential new neighbours!

However, this fun and buying of every interior lifestyle magazine all comes with the very grown up obligations to estate agents and mortgage advisors and solicitors and a million other things that muddle my brain and bore me in equal measure.
And these things are all SO adult and sensible. Coupled with having a full time office job I feel like someone has taken over my life and replaced the frivolous, creative me with a proper grown up. All very strange. Buying a house really needs to be simplified and maybe even just transferred to an online checkout with a next day delivery option. I am not very patient!

So I hope you understand my very poor blogging in the last week. And I promise this week to have LOTS of fun things for you to read - mostly for my benefit so I can think of other things aside from where my latest P60 might be and what colour I want to paint the pantry in our potential new house!

I will also follow up on my accounting tips this week, some of you sent me some questions which I will get answered asap - if anyone has any more finance queries please send them my way and I will do a bumper blog as soon as I can.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!



  1. this is SO exciting! i daydream about buying my own house far too much, but at the moment it's nowhere near becoming a reality! good luck :) just think of all the fun you'll have when the boring bit's over and it's all yours xx

  2. Thanks Harriet! It is really exciting - just so stressful at this stage. Am looking forward to the fun bit!! x