Friday, 11 May 2012

Food: Confession

Not my usual food post, but I have a confession to make and I thought it was about time I admitted to it...

I am a wasteful thrower-awayer of food.

Taking up too much room in the fridge. Binned. Been sitting there for more than a day. Thrown out. Not quite what I fancy to eat. Chuck it.

It was only yesterday when I'd deposited two cooked chicken breasts, some leftover pasta, the end of a packet of cereal and some egg mayonnaise sandwich filler into the depths of the kitchen bin that I stopped to think this could be getting out of hand.

Food is my domain in the house and I buy and cook everything we eat. There is no escaping this colossal food waste is 100 million percent my fact my boyfriend often bemoans the fact the tasty morsel he wanted to snack on has disappeared with the bin men.

Aside from being a bit frivolous and OCD about the contents of my fridge, I am also terrible at overcooking and portion control may as well be brain surgery.

However, I have now decided to turn over a new leaf! I need to be saving money as well as being less wasteful so hopefully I shall have some recipes in the near future on the tastiest ways to make the most of leftovers alongside my usual cakes and bakes.

Wish me luck! And PLEASE send on any tips you have, I think I need them.



  1. sounds stupid but we get a veg box delivered every week and then compare our rotas and plan our meals around each others shifts. that way we make sure we're eating the veggies and aren't buying more than we need (we also cook for three and put a portion in the freezer with most meals!)good luck!!

  2. That's a good idea! I do try to plan but it all goes awry! I do like the idea of a veg box... Must try harder :) x

  3. I agree with the veg box - we recently started having one fortnightly and it stops you from impulse buying so much at the supermarket, and encourages you to cook with what you have in order to use up the veg. Maybe start the day by having a good look in the fridge, write down what needs to be used up or there's leftovers of, and use it to write a quick plan of lunch and dinner for just the next couple of days. Not as hard as sticking to a full weekly plan, but makes sure everything gets eaten before its been hanging around too long to put you off it. If your boyfriend is happy to eat leftovers, maybe also make sure that you give them to him as packed lunch etc, that way they're saving you money and feeding someone, but our of your sight! Also agree with the above re: freezing - embrace your overcooking by freezing leftover portions before you go to bed instead of letting them hang around in the fridge. You could also make soups out of stray bits of veg etc that you're not sure you'll use, and then freeze the soup in single/double portion bags.

    Nice illustration, by the way! :)

  4. You make it sound so easy!

    I have been very good this week, not thrown anything out (apart from a small amount of mash that I unsuccessfully tried to make into a potato cake!). I even used up the other potatoes into wedges instead of leaving them to grow arms and legs - this is an improvement!

    Small steps but am definitely being more conscious!! Thank you for your great tips! x

  5. oh you naughty girl! i hate throwing food away but i'm weird about eating left overs and packet things that have been open for more than a few days - i don't throw them away, i just make someone else eat them haha! i have always been really bad a portion control too, but i think i have gotten better since i started weighing things before cooking them (like pasta and rice for example) i measure it out to the weight the packet recommends as a portion ... no more carb mountains on the dinner plate!
    also love the illo X