Friday, 20 April 2012

Craft Fair Review: Of Cabbages & Kings Market

Here are some photos of my stall at the Of Cabbages and Kings Market I attended last weekend.
I was pretty pleased with the display, lots of space meant I was able to show my products off well and as ever I tried to make everything as bright and eye catching as possible.

Compared to some markets, Of Cabbages and Kings offers a great table size for a reasonable price, at other fairs a table half the size costs more!
Held in Abney Hall in Stoke Newington, there are approximately 20 stalls with different sellers taking part in this monthly event, across a Saturday and Sunday.

It's worth noting that the hall also offers tea and cake on the Sunday opening with a dedicated seating area for visitors to stop by and chill out among the fair.

Stalls themselves are varied - and on the occassions I have attended there has been good variety and quality crafts. This time around I met up with Zoe from Ladybird Likes and Nancy Straughan textile designer, both with outstanding products and beautiful displays.

So far, so good. My only criticism has to be that footfall was low on both occassions I have set up a stall there (March 2011 and April 2012). This time I was just shy of earning back the costs of the table so was a little disappointed... it seemed Zoe and Nancy also felt that it wasn't one of the busier fairs they had visited. This seems a great shame as the hall is located on a busy street and there are some real gems for those who do venture inside. Though I got some great comments alongside the sales I did make - and gave away a fair few postcards - this wasn't the roaring success I'd hoped for. 

I came to the conclusion that my cards and prints are not what the people attending Of Cabbages and Kings were after ...and potentially that my print price points were too high, a lot of people seemed to be buying smaller, cheaper products on the day. As with any fair, I walked away with tons of ideas of what I can improve on and met some great people so was definitely worth my time.

It's hard to say whether my experience is representative of the fair as a whole, I would imagine that there are definitely busier dates nearer holidays and special occassions - and maybe when the weather is a bit brighter!
What I can tell you is that this is a friendly fair with a broad range of sellers and a laid back atmosphere and perhaps that is exactly what you are after.

If there are any fairs you can recommend or any experiences you'd like to share, please comment, I'd love to get some more opinions.



  1. I think fairs are generally difficult to sell at right now. Christmas ones do seem to be better but even those tended to be lots of cheap items being sold. People seem to be really holding on to their pennies at the moment so hopefully we should see an improvement soon! Some friends of mine with stunning jewellery made five pounds at a huge market recently and in the past have taken hundreds of pounds :( Your work is lovely, so best of luck .

  2. Definitely a good summary - I made a decent amount but I think the clientele were maInly just browsing. Craft fairs in general seem kind of quiet at the moment though :( hopefully that will change soon though!xoxo