Monday, 25 April 2011

Reviewing // Revisiting // Reworking

I have started to rework some of the images for my children's book in order to get it up to scratch for entry to the Macmillan Children's Book Competition. This is a bit of sneak peek really as I won't post up the full artwork until I have (hopefully) submitted my entry.

Following my crit for the initial artwork for this my tutors decided I needed to work on my colour palette. I had gone full throttle with bright colour and strong contrast but in hindsight I agree that this needed to be changed. The book is based around food which makes colour choice pretty important and that bit more difficult; to make the spreads look reasonably realistic and appetising is a challenge. I have swapped the bolder colours for more neutral 'food' related colours and think this works a lot better. Lots more to do before the spreads and dummy are finished though!

I am really keen to get this project completed well and entered this year. I missed out last year as my boyfriend was extremely ill for a while and some projects, including Macmillan, had to fall by the wayside. Despite having to deal with a lot of tough stuff in the last year and having more bad news and hospital visits at the start of the Macmillan project this year, I have really tried to push through the down times to develop as an illustrator and to explore new avenues in which to promote and sell my work.

From the feedback I have received over the last few months I think children's illustration is an avenue I would love to explore further, particularly book illustration.

I have some exciting commissions to produce as a result of my competition all of which are in some way related to illustration for children and I have been in talks with a great gallery who are keen to stock some of my work to bolster their offering for kids. I love the fun and freedom that I can have with briefs such as these and will be working very hard on these as well as my FMP.

Hopefully I will have lots of new work to show soon and of course if anyone is interested in offering me more exciting projects let me know!


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