Sunday, 20 March 2011

Portrait - Cat Hill Project

Our campus - Cat Hill - at Middlesex University is to be demolished at the end of this term. The courses will all be moving to a new home in Hendon which seems a huge shame. Cat Hill is full of character and has housed the art courses for a long, long time.
As a tribute to the building there is to be a series of books by the different courses highlighting the various aspects of the place.
Illustration are also to create their own book and we have all been asked to work on submissions for it.
I chose to draw Christine, the lady who works at reception. I don't often draw people so it is always a challenge and am a little apprehensive to see how they turn out, was pretty pleased with this one.
I have another one or two images that I am working on for this so hopefully one will be picked for the final publication!

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