Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cat! - Cat Hill Project

This is my second illustration to submit to the Cat Hill memory book (if you missed my earlier post and explanation click here).

Cat Hill campus has a resident cat who has full run of the buildings and grounds. One morning last year we came in to find him lurking on our desks in the illustration studio... My deskmate Gemma and I were pretty pleased to be paid a visit and I took some photos of him joining in the fun! Anyhow, these came in handy for this project and so I drew this up as a rough a couple of weeks ago and decided today was the day to bring him to life.

Fingers crossed one of my illustrations gets selected, competition is pretty fierce!


  1. I love this,Great colors and textures..good luck!

  2. great style. I still have your acts print on my wall and love it :)

  3. Thank you both!
    And great to hear you've still got my cats Freya! x