Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Cards @ SMUG

Today has been an excellent day. This comes mostly from the fantastic news that SMUG - the gorgeous lifestyle store in Camden Passage, Islington - will be stocking my greetings cards (below) from today.

If you haven't been before then you are missing out on a real gem. SMUG is one of those shops that stocks everything you didn't realise you desperately needed - such as these absolutely amazing animals made from vintage jumpers and this gorgeous fox scarf.

Cards should also be showing on their website in the next day or two so keep an eye out here:

I couldn't ask for a nicer shop (or a nicer shopowner for that matter) to be my first ever real life stockist. I suggest you all rush there immediately while I burst with excitement!


  1. Amazing News!
    Congratulations :)


  2. Thank you! I am very pleased :) x

  3. that's brilliant! congrats!
    how did you get interested? did you just pop in one day with some designs? just wondering beacuse i'm going to need some tips for my own self promotion