Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Patron Saints

Agh I have been rubbish at uploading recently! Mostly because I was flathunting and working stupidly hard on illustrations for the Macmillan children's book competition --- I will try and get those images uploaded soon, just need an A3 scanner first :D

This is my most recent project - Patron Saints. This was a 'personal project' meaning our tutor set us individual briefs; mine was to create some kind of ephemera for festivals that aren't particularly well celebrated. This stemmed from the robin illustrations I did at Christmas.

Anyway, I decided to concentrate on the national days of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The outcome was 4 stuffed dolls. Pinned to the back are badges that correspond to the saint or country they are from e.g. praying hands with a shamrock for St Patrick (who brought Christianity to Ireland) and a thistle for St Andrew (the national flower of Scotland).
I did these in a bit of a rush so am quite pleased they turned out ok, I want to do some of the badges again as they were a bit hit and miss...Ho hum. We will see what the tutor has to say tomorrow....

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