Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Screen Print

Dry Point - detail Lino Print

Finally I have got this up and working! It's taken me a while to get everything organised and scanned after picking up all of my work from Uni and working all the time - but now everything is organised I aim to keep posting new work.

So anyway, to start off I thought I'd put up some of the prints from one of my first projects at uni. The brief was to illustrate a verse from Edward Lear's nonsense poem 'The Dong with the Luminous Nose' using three different print techniques.

Playing a pipe with silvery squeaks/since then his Jumbly girl he seeks/And because by night he could not see/He gathered the bark of the Twangum Tree/on the flowery plain that grows/And he wove him a wondrous Nose...Nose as strange as a Nose could be!/Of vast proportions and painted red/And tied with cords to the back of his head/In a hollow rounded space it ended/With a luminous lamp within suspended/All fenced about with a bandage stout/To prevent the wind from blowing it out:-/And with holes all round to send the light/In gleaming rays on the dismal night.

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