Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Beautiful Girls Postcards

Our project for the summer is to send our 2nd year tutor six different packages illustrating different aspects of where we are over the holidays. The packaging has to be incorporated and considered as part of the piece.

This is my first submission. Very loosely about where I am I drew a selection of girls from magazines I had been reading, I was keen to use the line and pattern work I had practised in my 'Drawn from Memory' book using pen. I also tried to give the images a 'boudoir' feel as I sent some to the design team at Agent Provocateur so I could be added to their database of illustrators.
The final images make 12 black and white postcards, I packaged them in black tissue paper and ribbon and continued the pattern work onto the envelope. I was not so happy when today the woman in the post office insisted I had to stick a massive orange sticker on the front to send it but hopefully it won't be too detrimental to my final mark!


  1. aw stace these are luverly! they remind me a bit of this girl's work , think you might like her :)

  2. Cheers Becky! Loose interpretation of the brief but I hope Martin doesn't mind/care :)

    Thanks for the link, some of this girl's stuff is really good. I like!!! xx

  3. envelope equals fit. love you x